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Enjoy Meticulous Sewage Cleanup Service

Unlike typical water damage which makes everything damp, sewage damage must always be considered risky & any affected surface must be considered infected. This surface will require extensive & careful cleaning to be called safe. Even the tiniest sewage breaks are adequate to source major health concerns for you & your family members. You must not forget that sewage is home to all sorts of contaminants, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Hence, it must be cleaned immediately by a professional Sewage Cleanup Company.

What Causes Sewage Backup?

Sewage backup is very much always the outcome of a nonfunctional toilet or backflow valve installation. Sewage in your house means severe damage to carpeting, ceiling, drywalls, furniture, and personal belongings. Because most of the surfaces found inside an average home are porous, this entails that they may sustain hazardous substances of the sewage spillage long after even the most careful cleaning & disinfecting has been done.

Why Professional Sewage Restoration Is Essential?

Sewage restoration is a pretty risky job that must always be done by a professional Sewage Cleanup Contractor and its certified unit. At Category 3 LLC, we’re familiar with all the precise steps that are needed, and in what order they must be done to offer you with a completely safe and effective sewage clean up service. We will be there with you every step of the way right from extracting the dirty water to drying out all the surfaces to make sure no remnants left behind. All of our sewage cleanup experts are IICRC certified and will come to your home fully equipped with all the latest sewage cleaning tools and protective gears to make sure the job is done correctly from the outset.

As a complete service provider, we can even handle the largest case of sewage spills & backup. Whether it’s a negligible toilet overflow issue or a major backup – we provide same-day emergency service to start the cleaning process. We are a full-service company and can solve everything related to water damage cleaning, and this includes sewage remediation as well.

When it comes to clean up from damage caused by Water, Mold or Fire Category 3 LLC is your best choice. Dominick & his passionate staff possesses years of combined knowledge in all areas of the damage restoration & cleanup industry. All of our restoration technicians have been IICRC certified, we’re also a member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau). If you have an emergency feel free to call us right away.

At category 3, we specialize in sewage cleanup service and our service covering all towns.

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